Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PC Police and Racism

Albeit from me to defend Kevin Slaten for having his show canceled for comments he made during his show on November 8, 2012 regarding the presidential election, since he would constantly cut me off when I called into his show when he began to lose the argument. So maybe it is a bit of Karma, but his show should not have been canceled for what he said.

According to an article by Dan Caesar in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Kevin Slaten’s  sports-talk radio show on KFNS (590 AM) the Fan was canceled after he made the following comments: “The next time someone tells me that the black voters are not bigoted, stick it in the trash can because black voters are bigoted — 93 percent (of the black vote went) for Obama, 6 percent for (Mitt) Romney — you’re bigots,'' he said on the air. "You might not be bigots in your normal life but when you vote you are bigots. ... that’s how you vote.

“There was a black preacher that said, ‘Vote for the black man.’ If there was a white preacher that said, ‘Vote for the white guy,’ he would have been pillaged.’’

Slaten added, “When it comes to black voters and a black president ... you’re not going to vote for a white guy if there’s a black choice. And I think that’s despicable and I think that black voters ought to be ashamed of themselves for voting that way because of race. And that’s what they did.’’

  Yet, it was Attorney General Eric Holder who said we are a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing racism. Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black.” It is the racist Holder who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election and is reluctant to prosecute black on white crime giving the green light to the black mobs committing acts of violence against whites throughout the country.

“We are a nation of cowards?” Possibly, for some; and the reason is survival. When Kevin Slaten brought up the topic the PC police descended upon him and his show was canceled. What he said was true, but they not only voted for Barack Hussein Obama because he was black, (although Obama is a mulatto, his mother was white and his father was black), they also overwhelmingly voted for him because he is a Democrat/Statist, which is the party of “stuff.”   For it is the Democrats who want an ever increasing amount of people dependent on Government for their votes to stay in power, which is akin to slavery. Instead of working the fields the people only need to pull the D lever. Nevertheless, the problem of racism will not be solved if someone who is white brings it up and is fired for it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Todd Akin Supports Life and Deserves Our Support

 In the US Senate race for Missouri Claire McCaskill is running attack ads against Todd Akin regarding his comments about forcible rape and pregnancy. The pro-abortion Senator McCaskill claims she is concerned about women’s rights, unless of course the female is a baby being aborted. McCaskill supports all abortions including late term partial birth abortions. She is an ardent supporter of Barack Hussein Obama, a man who not only supports late term partial birth abortions, but infanticide. (See Obama’s opposition to Born Alive Act in Illinois).

Todd Akin’s first mistake was going on the biased Charles Jaco show.  Charles Jaco has no credibility. (see Jaco’s fake Iraq gas attack). Jaco was looking for a gotcha moment and he got one. Akin is a devoted pro-life supporter and what he said should not amount to a political death sentence where many “establishment” Republicans called on Akin to “fall on his sword” and drop out of the race for US Senate.

Nevertheless, let’s look at what Akin said. He said pregnancies are rare from forcible rape and believed woman’s bodies have a way of rejecting becoming pregnant because of the stressful attack. There is an article from Physicians for life.org, where they claim assault rape pregnancies are rare, therefore Akin did not pull that thought out of thin air. Furthermore, according to Planned Parenthood only about 5% of woman who are forcibly raped become pregnant. That means 95% of victims of forcible rape do not get pregnant. Whether a woman’s body can actually reject pregnancy is unknown because there has not been a study on it. Yet, I have some friends who were very healthy and wanted to conceive, however they were unable to do so. They adopted a child and soon after they were able to conceive and had two biological children of their own. I have heard similar stories about other couples who could not conceive, but did so after adopting another child. This opens up the possibility of a woman’s body rejecting impregnation due to stress; however, I do not believe there have been any legitimate, objective studies on the phenomenon.

The following is a graphic description of what a Partial-Birth Abortion entails: According to National Right to Life: “Partial-Birth Abortion is a procedure in which the abortionist pulls a living baby feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal (vagina), except for the head, which the abortionist purposely keeps lodged just inside the cervix (the opening to the womb).  The abortionist punctures the base of the baby’s skull with a surgical instrument, such as a long surgical scissors or a pointed hollow metal tube called a trochar.  He then inserts a catheter (tube) into the wound, and removes the baby's brain with a powerful suction machine.  This causes the skull to collapse, after which the abortionist completes the delivery of the now-dead baby.”
  Planned Parenthood’s website states a partial-birth abortion procedure is called a D&E — Dilation and Evacuation. Their website explains the procedure in depth and point out, “In later second-trimester procedures, you may also need a shot through your abdomen to make sure there is fetal demise before the procedure begins.”  The website gives information on where to find an abortion provider and cautions “Please keep in mind that after about 24 weeks of pregnancy, abortions are usually performed only for serious health reasons.”

Late term partial birth abortions are not done to save the life of the mother because the baby is fully delivered except for the head. Therefore, the baby could be fully delivered and allowed to live. Nevertheless, Claire McCaskill still supports late term partial birth abortions.

Todd Akin cares about life and the life of the child unlike McCaskill who supports all abortion and Obama who not only supports all abortion but infanticide.  There are many other reasons not to re-elect Obama and McCaskill but most importantly, if someone does not care about the sanctity of life, how can you be sure they have the moral character to make the right decisions on any other matter?  That is why Obama and McCaskill need to be defeated November 6, 2012.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Romney/Obama Debate #1

Do not believe Barack Hussein Obama’s lying rhetoric, look at his actions.  Obama looked like the smallest person in the room just like he did when he was seated in the “war” room during the supposed Osama bin Laden killing.

Some contradictions/lies coming from Barack Hussein Obama in the October 3rd, 2012 Presidential debate:

Education: Obama said he cares about education, yet cuts funding for DC Charter schools.

Energy: Obama said he wants to expand energy production in oil, gas, and wind and solar, yet he shut down oil operations in the Gulf refused keystone pipeline and blew taxpayers’ dollars on Crony companies like Solyndra..

Budget: Obama talked about a budget, but Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate have not passed a budget in 4 years.

Defense: Obama talks about the duty of the president to protect its citizens, yet does not adequately protect the Ambassador in Libya, even though he requested it.

Medicare: Going bankrupt. Obama takes billions from the plan to support Obamacare. Needs to be privatized.

Social Security: Going bankrupt. Obama wants to keep the status quo on it. Needs to be privatized.

Taxes: Obama said he has cut taxes for the middle class. Obamacare is a tax along with the additional taxes in it. Excises taxes on liquor and tobacco have also been increased.

Obamacare: Obama claims it will reduce costs and premiums; people will be able to keep their insurance and doctors. Obamacare is about control and was forced upon the American people by the
Democrat/Statists and will increase costs.

Outsourcing: GM and GE have moved some operations out of the US.



Ed Martin for Missouri’s Attorney General

      Chris Koster is running for re-election as Missouri’s Attorney General against Ed Martin. Koster ran an ad wherein he claims to have prosecuted over 100 murder cases, and won thousands of convictions. Yet, according to the US Census Bureau there were only 16 murders during the ten years he was the Cass County Prosecutor. 

       In another misleading ad Koster takes credit for prosecuting the murderer of a trooper and getting a death sentence conviction. In reality, it was Koster’s assistant prosecutor Kevin Zoellner who attended the trial and argued the case before the jury, not Koster. The ad also states Koster is all prosecutor, no politics; when in essence Koster is a political opportunist, who will do whatever is necessary to stay in power, including compromising principles. Koster at one time was a Republican; however, in 2007 Koster stuck his finger in the air to see which way the political winds were shifting and switched to the Democrat party.  Koster takes credit for something he really does not do, just like Barack Hussein Obama, who took and takes credit for “getting/killing” Osama bin Laden. You can not trust a man who does not stand on principles and lies about his record and accomplishments for political gain, as Koster does. Koster has no integrity and should not be Missouri’s Attorney General.

      The Missouri attorney general's job is to act as the state's lawyer, enforcing state law, representing state officials in legal disputes and defending state statutes in court and more importantly to represent the people against an overreaching Federal Government. Something Koster is reluctant to do, possibly because Koster is enamored with Obama and was giddy when I overheard him at a fundraiser describe his meeting Obama in the Oval Office. When Koster is so star struck by the president, you can not rely on him as the chief law enforcement officer in the state to uphold the will of the people and fight against an overreaching Federal Government.

       The people of Missouri overwhelmingly voted against The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka. Obamacare when they voted 71.1% for the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act, Proposition C. Proposition C aimed to block the implementation of Obamacare on the state and yet, Koster did not act to support the will of the people against an overreaching federal government. Koster also did not join the 26 other states in fighting Obamacare. It was only late in the game that Koster wrote a brief to the Supreme Court on Obamacare. Again, he did it for political expediency because of the challenge by Ed Martin for his job. Too little, too late.

        Ed Martin is a true conservative and is concerned with the direction this country is headed and he wants to do something about it by running for office. Ed is running for MO Attorney General and he deserves our support. The Democrat/Statist’s policies and rhetoric are detrimental to this country putting this country in dire straights. There is much work to be done to get America back on track. It starts with electing common sense conservatives like Ed Martin to be the people’s representative.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

To Defenders of Joe Paterno

Unfortunately, part of Joe V. Paterno’s legacy will be that he washed his hands and turned a blind eye to child sexual abuse by his assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and went along with the cover-up. In a November 9, 2011 interview by Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post Paterno said, “Most important, that he wished he'd done more when assistant Mike McQueary came to his house on a Saturday morning in 2002.” Some people want to only talk about all of the good Paterno did that had nothing to do with football like building a library with his donations and forget about the child abuse he was aware of. In the end it was all about the money and the reputation of Penn State and Paterno and not the children. Everyone who knew of these sordid events involving child rape and did nothing about it should be held accountable. And for the people who are defending Joe Paterno and claim Paterno did what was required of him let me point out the Pennsylvania law on child abuse reporting and Joe Paterno’s Grand Jury Testimony listed below. Joe Paterno would be considered a Staff Member of Penn State and he was informed by Intern Mike McQueary of suspected child sexual abuse. The law requires that person shall immediately notify the person in charge of the institution and an oral report shall be made immediately by telephone to ChildLine (800) 932-0313. According to Joe Paterno’s Grand Jury testimony after being informed by McQueary that he witnessed a youngster being sexually molested by Jerry Sandusky he did not immediately tell anyone. Paterno said, I ordinarily would have called people right away, but it was a Saturday morning and I didn’t want to interfere with their weekends. So I don’t know whether I did it Saturday or did it early the next week. I’m not sure when, but I did it within the week. Paterno’s action showed a disregard for the welfare of this child. A decent person’s first instinct should and would be to protect the innocent, protect the child, and Paterno did not do that. And let me repeat,everyone who knew of these sordid events involving child sexual abuse and did nothing about it are culpable and should be held accountable.

(b)  Staff members of public or private agencies, institutions and facilities. …shall immediately notify the person in charge of the institution, school, facility or agency or the designated agent of the person in charge when they have reasonable cause to suspect on the basis of their professional or other training or experience, that a child coming before them in their professional or official capacity is a victim of child abuse. 
(c)  Reporting procedure. Reports of suspected child abuse shall be made by telephone and by written report.
   (1)  Oral reports. Oral reports of suspected child abuse shall be made immediately by telephone to ChildLine (800) 932-0313.

Joe Paterno’s Grand Jury testimony, 
…Mr. Paterno: Well, I don’t know what you would call it. Obviously, he was doing something with the youngster.
It was a sexual nature. I’m not sure exactly what it was.
I didn’t push Mike to describe exactly what it was because he was very upset. Obviously, I was in a little bit of a dilemma since Mr. Sandusky was not working for me anymore.
So I told — I didn’t go any further than that except I knew Mike was upset and I knew some kind of inappropriate action was being taken by Jerry Sandusky with a youngster….
Mr. Paterno: I don’t know whether I was specific or not. I did tell Mike, Mike, you did what was right; you told me.
Even though Jerry does not work for the football staff any longer, I would refer his concerns to the right people.
Q: You recall this taking place on a Saturday morning, the conversation with Mike?
Mr. Paterno:  Yes.
Q: When did you — did you do something with that information?
Mr. Paterno: Well, I can’t be precise.
I ordinarily would have called people right away, but it was a Saturday morning and I didn’t want to interfere with their weekends.
So I don’t know whether I did it Saturday or did it early the next week.
I’m not sure when, but I did it within the week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ed Martin for MO Attorney General

Chris Koster is an Obamamaniac and was drooling all over himself when I overheard him   describe meeting Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval Office. Koster at one time was a Republican, until he put his finger in the air to see which direction the political winds were shifting and changed to the Democratic Party, with completely different views. So much for standing on principle. The Democrat/Statist’s policies and rhetoric are detrimental to this country. And so, Ed Martin, being concerned with the direction this country is headed wanted to do something about it by running for office. Now, Koster is complaining that Ed Martin is running for his job as Attorney General, after Ed first ran for US Senate and then for Us Congress. Ed should have been running for Attorney General all along. 

Ed Martin with a Conservative message ran against Russ Carnahan in the 2010 election, with Robin Carnahan overseeing the election as Secretary of State.  Ed lost a very close race after leading most of the night, until the ballots came in from the City of St. Louis. In St. Louis there has been voter fraud in the past so one must question, why the vote tallies from St. Louis in every statewide election are the last to come in, even though all of the polls across the state close at the same time?    

As for Koster’s complaint of Ed Martin running for different offices he should know that Ed is not the first or only candidate to lose an election and then run again. Abraham Lincoln lost several elections before winning and became President. Ronald Reagan lost some elections before becoming one of the greatest Presidents ever. Even Claire McCaskill did it. So Koster, why the concern with Ed wanting to run again for your job as Attorney general?

Why should a candidate run for office? Should they run only if they are in a secure district, hoping for an easy victory or should they run because the opposing party's policies and rhetoric are detrimental to this country? This country is in dire straights and there is much work to be done to get America back on track. It starts with electing common sense conservatives like Ed Martin to be the people’s representatives.  Thus Ed deserves our support and is why I, Greg Zotta endorse Ed Martin for MO Attorney General.