Saturday, April 9, 2011

Obama, the Shutdown and the Troops

Barack Hussein Obama was gleeful that the Federal Government averted a shutdown. In his speech, he talked about the troops being able to be paid on time now. This man is DESPICABLE. On April 7, 2011 he signed a memo stating if there was a shutdown the troops would have their payments delayed, contrary to what was allowed in the past by other Presidents. Then again, what do you expect from a Community Agitator? Remember, Obama floated the idea that military personnel wounded in battle should have their private medical insurance pay for their medical bills. Our soldiers should be paid on time and soldiers who served in the military should have the best medical care provided to them as a benefit for serving and protecting this great country.

John Boehner and the Compromise

The Federal Government averted a shutdown and some people are calling it a historic event. How is it a historic event? Is it because Barack Hussein Obama, The Messiah, is President? The Federal Government has shut down in the past, and sometimes it has not shut down, so where is the historic event? A historic event would be a first time occurrence or something extraordinary. This was neither.

Anyway, it seems like Speaker John Boehner caved and the Federal Government will not shut down. He did not want to take a stand and compromised like he did when he signed onto the Stupak Amendment, which guaranteed the passage of Obamacare. As part of the compromise the Senate assured him they will take a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. What? Democrats have the numbers in the Senate. Apparently, Boehner can't count.

As I stated, the Democrats control the Senate. They have the numbers. Claire McCaskill voted for Obamacare to get to the 60 votes, and then voted against it when they only needed a simple majority. So how do you think the vote is going to turn out? Does anyone honestly believe these Statists are going to vote to defund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood?

As for the troops Boehner should have thought about them when they did the first CR and attached the Rider then. Barack Hussein Obama, on the other hand is quite the despicable person, because he was willing to holdout paying the troops. He signed a memo on 4/7/2011 stating if there was a Government shutdown the troops would have their payments delayed. Obama is a Community Agitator, not a leader and from the looks of things Boehner is not much of a leader either.

Many people said this was a small battle and they are alright with the compromise stating wait till they get to the bigger fights. If they can not stand up and win the small fights, why would you think they could win the bigger ones.

It was the Democrat/Statists that were forcing the issue of a shutdown and Boehner blinked. Reiterating, we have Obamacare because Boehner signed onto the Stupak Amendment and got many other Republicans to go along, otherwise Obamacare would have went down to defeat. He showed his hand weeks ago when he said he would not want to shut down the Government.  Boehner better not play poker, because he shows his hand.

Statists Reid, Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama were derelict in their duties by not passing a budget in 2010. Now, they want to fault the Republicans for not passing the budget and are using scare tactics against the American people.

Some politicians and Tea-Partier’s were concerned with who would get the blame for a Government shutdown and they were concerned with what the so-called Mainstream Media and the Statists would say about them. The so-called Mainstream Media, aka. propaganda wing of the Obama Administration and the Statists will denigrate the Tea Party people and the Republicans no matter what. The Tea Party and Conservatives should not worry about what the MSM and Statists have to say about them, instead they should use alternate sites to get their message out.

This country has survived before living through a Government shutdown. The Statists complained about 800,000 to a million Federal employees would be furloughed due to the shutdown. Nevertheless, they did not mention the millions of people unemployed right now due to their rhetoric and policies.  

John Boehner took on the mantle of being Speaker of the House. It's unfortunate that people are put into leadership positions, because it's their turn, not necessarily because they are leaders. Boehner showed his true colors with the crying, but more importantly with his selections for Committee Chairmanships. Therefore, Boehner needs to stop the crying and lead. If he is incapable of leading he should step down.