Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PC Police and Racism

Albeit from me to defend Kevin Slaten for having his show canceled for comments he made during his show on November 8, 2012 regarding the presidential election, since he would constantly cut me off when I called into his show when he began to lose the argument. So maybe it is a bit of Karma, but his show should not have been canceled for what he said.

According to an article by Dan Caesar in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Kevin Slaten’s  sports-talk radio show on KFNS (590 AM) the Fan was canceled after he made the following comments: “The next time someone tells me that the black voters are not bigoted, stick it in the trash can because black voters are bigoted — 93 percent (of the black vote went) for Obama, 6 percent for (Mitt) Romney — you’re bigots,'' he said on the air. "You might not be bigots in your normal life but when you vote you are bigots. ... that’s how you vote.

“There was a black preacher that said, ‘Vote for the black man.’ If there was a white preacher that said, ‘Vote for the white guy,’ he would have been pillaged.’’

Slaten added, “When it comes to black voters and a black president ... you’re not going to vote for a white guy if there’s a black choice. And I think that’s despicable and I think that black voters ought to be ashamed of themselves for voting that way because of race. And that’s what they did.’’

  Yet, it was Attorney General Eric Holder who said we are a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing racism. Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black.” It is the racist Holder who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election and is reluctant to prosecute black on white crime giving the green light to the black mobs committing acts of violence against whites throughout the country.

“We are a nation of cowards?” Possibly, for some; and the reason is survival. When Kevin Slaten brought up the topic the PC police descended upon him and his show was canceled. What he said was true, but they not only voted for Barack Hussein Obama because he was black, (although Obama is a mulatto, his mother was white and his father was black), they also overwhelmingly voted for him because he is a Democrat/Statist, which is the party of “stuff.”   For it is the Democrats who want an ever increasing amount of people dependent on Government for their votes to stay in power, which is akin to slavery. Instead of working the fields the people only need to pull the D lever. Nevertheless, the problem of racism will not be solved if someone who is white brings it up and is fired for it.