Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is Newt Gingrich a real conservative Republican?

Gary Gill was running against Missouri 3rd District Democrat Representative Dick Gephardt and he was leading in the polls until Newt praised Gephardt. Gill ended up losing the election.

Newt made the Contract with America that helped the Republicans win the US House in 1994.
What did the Republicans do after they won the US House in 1994?

In 2005 he teamed up with Hillary Clinton on National Healthcare and claimed she would be a formidable candidate for President.

He stated the Era of Reagan Conservatism is over.

He did a Climate Change commercial with Pelosi.

He teamed up with Sharpton on education.

Newt backed Dede Scozzafava in the New York Congressional race.

Newt was on Greta and commented to her, “You strengthen yourself by attracting more people than by driving them away,” implying that you must compromise your conservative principles in order to expand the party.

I believe you stand on conservative principles & let the people come to you.

Is he positioning himself to run for President as a middle of the roader?

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