Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama Censorship?

Youtube has cut off comments to these videos. Why? Is this CENSORSHIP?

Poor little Barack, he’s being picked on.Obama talks about civility, yet he’s the one who sent out the GOONS to the town hall meetings. He’s the one who does not like to be challenged. Then he says you can question my policies without questioning my faith or citizenship. His policies are radical and wrong for America. As for his faith he’s the one who stated America is no longer a Christian Nation, and mentioned to George S. about his Muslim beliefs before being cut off.Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. To resolve the question regarding his citizenship,all he has to do is release the original birth certificate, that exists.While he’s at it he can release his college papers.He is the one who keeps talking about being transparent, but refuses to release the documents.What is this Alinski Disciple trying to hide?

I wonder if that was what Harry Reid was talking about when he made reference about Barack Hussein Obama’s dialect.What was he saying when he said corpse man? Obviously I do not understand his dialect.

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