Sunday, July 18, 2010

Social Security

Social Security was never meant to be paid out. FDR set it up as a slush fund. When it was started, the life expectancy for males was 61.4 years and for females, it was 65.7 years. They made the retirement age 65. These Politicians/Statists solutions to the problem with Social Security are to raise the retirement age, raise taxes, cut benefits or a combination of the three. Who are they to say when you can retire? People should be able to retire when they want to retire if they have the funds to do it. If people had their own retirement account they could retire when they wanted to. The way the system is set up now, bureaucrats have to much control over people's lives. My parents both worked all of their lives and retired on Social (In) Security. My father was receiving approximately $1400 a month and my mother $1200 a month. When my father died, my mother had to return the $1400 and received a $275 death benefit. She then began to receive $1400 a month, instead of the $1200 she had been receiving. She not only had to suffer the loss of her soul mate, but the household income was virtually cut in half, because of the tragedy of death. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! Everyone should have their own account that is set up to their risk tolerance. Families should not loose any of their retirement (estate) money because of a death; it should stay within the family.

Social Security is a PONZI scheme and needs to be eliminated over time, wherein people have their own accounts. Therefore, the solution is to take care of the people that were hoodwinked into the system and continue to pay their benefits. Then ween everyone else off of the system over time. That means the young people entering the work force would set up their own retirement account, but would have to contribute some extra to take care of grandma and grandpa. Organizations like the AARP want to keep the staus quo, where it is based on workers in the work force. A system that is bankrupting Social Security. It took the country 75 years to get to this point and it will take some time to fix the problem. The Bureaucrats are set up with their lavish pension system and are not on Social Security. These Statists in Congress want to keep control over the system, because they want control over our lives and a slush fund.

My suggestion is to immediately set up a system to take care of the people who are on it and ween the others off. Therefore, the moral and just thing to do is to have everyone have their own account and in control of their lives.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

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