Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Laura Set Up

Dr Laura was set up by "Jade', (not her real name). She has nothing to apologize for. She was talking about facts that black comics use the N-word all the time. Then "Jade" tells Dr Laura she cannot use the N-word because she is white. Sarah Palin may not have heard Dr Laura's remarks when she was selected as VP, or she may not hold a grudge. What Sarah does do is stand up for what is RIGHT.

Embeding the video was removed. Questions for CNN (Communist News Network), whose by-line is now getting the straight story. Why did she use an assumed name, "Jade?" How did CNN get in touch with "Jade"? What does she do for a living? Is she an activist? Jade brought up the N-word and did set up Dr Laura. Dr Laura made the point that black comics use the N-word. Jade says white people cannot use the N-word. Jade claims Dr Laura got caught saying it, yet Jade brought up the word and said it herself during the call.

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