Friday, September 17, 2010


“Let me be clear,” Barack Hussein Obama probably will not rest and will be laser focused on jobs, unless he gets the urge to go on another vacation. He has a plan to spend $50 billion repairing roads and railways to boost jobs. The problem with that is the different states have a budget and plans already in place for road repairs. Also, the money should have come for the tax on gasoline, but the government has already spent that money when they put it in the general revenue fund. He wants another $100 billion for research and development tax credits, which will be paid for by eliminating other tax loopholes. Once again, the government through the tax system picks winners and losers.

Let’s see how Obama has really affected the job market. They mishandled the housing crisis, causing the housing market to collapse.Thousands of jobs were lost when they took over the Student Loan Program with the passage of Obamacare. The actions and statements made by the Obama Administration negatively impacted the hotel, convention and tourism industry costing jobs when he said the American people need to tighten their belts and they should not be going to Vegas. His Administration also demonized corporations for having “lavish” conventions, so much so, that many corporations canceled their convention with some paying a cancellation penalty. Then Obama forced the closing of many profitable auto dealerships when they took over GM and Chrysler, costing more jobs. He has called for a moratorium on offshore drilling. These actions not only affect the primary business, but it also affects the ancillary businesses, such as the bars, restaurants, ferries, movie theatres and other forms of entertainment, costing even more jobs. Therefore, it is the Obama Administration and his policies that have caused unemployment to rise. Then again, what did you expect when you have a Community Agitator as President?

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

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