Friday, October 29, 2010

No Endorsement from the LEADER Newspaper for a Tea Party style “bomb thrower”

                  On October 27, 2010, Pat Martin, the Editor of the Imperial Leader Newspaper published his candidate endorsements for the upcoming election. He did not endorse me and that was to be expected since he stopped publishing my letters and endorsed my opponent, Ryan McKenna in the primary. That is why I did not waste my time meeting with him for an interview to find out who he was going to endorse. I guess he took exception to that.

                  As expected, Pat Martin endorsed Ryan McKenna, which is his prerogative, but in doing so he wrote that I was a Tea Party style “bomb thrower.” Apparently, Pat Martin is not very fond of the Tea-Party Patriots and uses the term as a pejorative. The Tea-Partiers stand for following the Constitution, limited government, reduce spending and limited taxation. Therefore, I would wear the term Tea-Partier as a badge of honor. In prior editorials, Pat Martin tried to demonize the term “conservative.” I responded with a letter to him, but he refused to print it. (Letter is Attached) After all it is his paper and he has Freedom of the Press to print what he wants to print.

                As for being “bomb throwers,” I do not know of any “bomb throwers” in the Tea Party. I am aware of a disgruntled staff worker of Russ Carnahan who did throw a fire-bomb at one of Carnahan’s offices. Another “bomb thrower” would be Barack Hussein Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers, who was a leader of the Weather Underground and was responsible for bombing buildings in the 60’s. Pat, you may not know that because you are an ardent supporter of President Obama and are blind to the facts of what he is doing to this country.

               Obama is the one who pits one group of Americans against another. He is a POLARIZING and DIVISIVE figure whose policies endanger American citizens. What would Pat say about Obama's call to arms to Hispanics and Latino’s to "Punish their Enemies," referring to American citizens who are concerned about their SAFETY. Then Obama sues a State for trying to protect their citizens, because he is lax in protecting them in violation of his oath of office. By putting a blind eye to the detrimental policies of the Obama Administration Pat Martin is failing at his responsibilities afforded to him under the First Amendment to the Constitution, as being a Watchdog over government.

               Another reason for not receiving his endorsement is because I say there are too many laws and criticized McKenna’s bill to ban texting while driving. He writes, “Apparently, the safety consideration hadn’t occurred to him.” As a former police officer I know safety is a factor, however when it comes to laws like this it is all about the money. There are Careless and Reckless Driving laws on the books that would cover texting while driving recklessly. The reason for a specific law is for the revenue. Some people can walk and chew gum at the same time, i.e. they can drive down the road in a safe manner and use a cell phone. With a primary texting or cell phone law the person could be driving safely and still be pulled over and cited. If on the other hand a person is on their cell phone and they are all over the road they can be cited for Reckless Driving by use of cell phone, or texting, or putting on makeup, or eating etc. It is the “Reckless driving” that is the “Safety Issue” and can be addressed without any additional laws.

               Governments get money through TAXES, FEES and FINES and that is why the Federal Government is making a push for this type of legislation (texting law) and holds the purse strings against the States to get it passed. Governments need the REVENUE and are coming up with all sorts of ways to get more money from the citizens.

               Obviously, Pat Martin has not read my blog or face-book or heard my speeches because he knows nothing about my positions. The irony is he calls himself an objective journalist, but in my case, does not bother to get the facts. My philosophy is to teach and encourage people to be self reliant and less dependent on government. I want less government intrusion into citizens’ lives. I believe in following the Constitution, limited government, listening to your constituents, actually reading legislation and cutting out needless and duplicitous laws. I encourage everyone to find out about the Candidates through reliable sources prior to the election so they can make an informed decision about the people who will affect their lives. The citizens of this state and country need people like me to stand up to the Statists/Bullies. There is much work to be done to get America back on track and it starts with electing common sense conservatives to be representatives for the people.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

                                                   "Conservatives" v. "Liberals"

               Pat Martin of the Imperial Leader Newspaper wrote an editorial about "Conservatives" and "Liberals" trying to demonize Conservatives. The following is a letter I wrote to him, which he did not print.

               Patrick Martin, in your editorial you compared Conservatives and Liberals and stated Conservatives are proud of the label, where Liberals are not. “Liberals” prefer to call themselves progressives, and why not, it’s such a nice term, progress, who could be against that. In reality, they should be called what they are oppressors, Socialists, or Statists. I got the sense you were trying to demonize conservatives with your statements of what Conservatives should say (but only think the material in parenthesis).

               You wrote, I am pro-life and support the Second Amendment (even though the job I’m running for has nothing to do with abortion or guns). If someone does not care about the sanctity of life, how can you be sure they have the moral character to make the right decisions? The Second Amendment is in the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. People have a God given right to protect themselves and their families, unless you live in a city like New York or Chicago run by Statists Bloomberg and Daley.

               You wrote, I am for enforcing immigration laws (even though my great-grandfather was an immigrant…). The key word you forget to mention is LEGAL immigration. The Statists DO NOT CARE about illegal immigrants, they promote amnesty to garner their vote.

               You wrote, I am for less or smaller government (even though I reserve the right to reach into your pocket by accepting my salary…). Their pay is stipulated in the Constitution.

              You wrote, I am for lower taxes (who isn’t). Democrats, but they have a tendency of not wanting to pay them, Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel, Tom Daschle.

               The Democrat/Statists are for bigger government, raising taxes, increased spending and amnesty; where Conservatives believe in following the Constitution, limited government, (not no government), and less taxes, let the people keep their money.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

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