Thursday, February 3, 2011

Response to "Leader" Editorial on Ed Martin

Pat Martin,

The following letter is my response to your editorial about Ed Martin posted in the Leader, January 27, 2011. What I said is backed up by facts, but I did not send them to you because I did not want to pay the extra postage. Therefore, you will have to look them up yourself. It is your paper and you will decide whether to print the letter or not. If you decide not to print the letter I will post it on the other credible sites.


Greg Zotta

Pat Martin, you still can not get over the results of the November election. After a majority of your endorsements lost you discovered that you are not a “King maker,” and apparently took exception to that with your subsequent biased editorials and “news” reports.

Pat you wrote, “…It’s hard to make a Martin shut up…the only way to accomplish the deed with a Martin was to cut off his head and hide it.” Cut off the head of Ed Martin? In this era of “civility,” what would your idol Barack Hussein Obama say about that?

Pat you wrote, “…Ed has kept an unusually high profile for a guy who lost an election.” It seems you are concerned with Ed Martin still seeking a political career by possibly running against Claire McCaskill for the US Senate. Ed Martin would not be the first or only candidate to lose an election and then run again. Abraham Lincoln lost several elections before winning and eventually becoming President. Ronald Reagan lost some elections before becoming one of the greatest Presidents ever. Even Claire McCaskill did it. So Pat, why the concern with Ed wanting to run again? Is it because of your ideology you do not want to see a conservative in office?

Ed lost a very close race and was leading most of the night until the ballots came in from the City of St. Louis at the end of the night. Question, why is the vote tally from St. Louis the last to come in? Makes you wonder if they are waiting to the end to see how many votes they need. FYI, there has been voter fraud in St. Louis in the past. Does it not concern you that in every statewide election St. Louis City’s vote tallies are the last to be counted, even though all of the polls across the state close at the same time?

You snipe that Ed attended the Jefferson County Council inauguration and his friends surrounded him in the lobby after the event. Don’t you have any friends Pat? Are you jealous? The Jefferson County Council inauguration was a historic event and many of the members are Ed’s friends, so why wouldn’t he be there? Then again, many of the new members were not endorsed by you.

You constantly bring up and are fixated on the email controversy regarding Ed Martin. Ed has addressed and answered the questions regarding the situation, but apparently his answers are not up to your expectations. Yet, you never mention Russ Carnahan helping his brother receive over a hundred million taxpayers’ dollars for a wind farm. Nor do you mention Claire McCaskill who was investigating abuses at nursing homes until she met a rich owner of one and eventually married him.

Pat Martin, you are a poor excuse of a journalist and you fail at your responsibility of being the watchdog over government afforded to you under the First Amendment of the Constitution. It is a good thing there are alternative methods and more credible sites to get the TRUTH to the people, instead of relying on your biased paper the “Leader.”

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