Friday, July 15, 2011

Media's Love Affair with Barack Hussein Obama

Stephen Marche, a reporter for the Esquire wrote, "How can we not love Obama?" This reporter is delusional. How can this reporter be so WRONG? Then again, many of the reporters on the left aka. The Mainstream Media are mesmerized by BarackHussein Obama as if he was the Messiah.

I do not love Barack Hussein Obama and there are many other Patriotic Americans who feel the same way. Obama is a Community Agitator. He is a divisive and polarizing figure who pits one group of Americans against another. Obama is a BULLY and a LIAR, who uses scare tactics and threats against the American people. His policies and rhetoric shows weakness to the World, which endangers America. He likes to call himself a progressive; however that is an inaccurate description of him. Obama is a Statist, and oppressor or tyrant. He used water as a means to bribe two representatives from California for their votes on healthcare, which was a despicable act that dictators do to their people. Healthcare was passed because John Boehner signed onto the Stupak (Stupid) Amendment; otherwise it would have gone down to defeat. So, Boehner should get the credit or blame for Obamacare passing.

Barack Hussein Obama happened to be President when Osama Bin Laden was located and killed. The MSM were drooling all over themselves that Bin Laden was killed under this Democrat President calling it a “gutsy” call. ObaME has said it was his mission to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. Therefore, it was NOT a gutsy call, it was the only call. Nevertheless, it took ObaME 16 hours to supposedly make the decision to get Bin Laden, after knowing he was in the compound since August 2010. Why didn’t the MSM ask him what took him so long? When you look at the picture of the War Room on that day Obama looked like the smallest person in the room.

Adolph Hitler was idolized by the German people and many others around the World. Hitler like Obama also made the cover of Time Magazine prior to the World realizing what a Monster he was. One of the problems this country is having is reporters like Marche and the Mainstream Media are writing puff pieces like this on Obama that some people may believe is true.

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