Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cowardly Don Imus Attacks Sarah Palin

August 4, 2011 Don Imus was talking to Alan Colmes on his Show and called Sarah Palin ‘stupid’ for her remarks that if the Tea Party were real terrorists Obama would hang out with them. And of course Colmes agreed. Imus called her remarks nonsense. Just because Imus wants to bury his head about Obama, possibly for fear of being called a racist again, does not make it so.  Her remarks were not nonsense, they are the TRUTH. Barack Hussein Obama’s mentor is the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. She had the courage to stand up to the attacks on the Tea Party, unlike the gutless Don Imus, who cow-towed to Al (Not So Sharp) Sharpton when he made his remarks about the girl’s basketball team. Don Imus is a COWARD and the STUPID one, because he is apparently blind to the fact of what the Obama Regime and the Statists are doing to this country.  

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