Friday, August 30, 2013

Is Obama going to Start WWIII?

Barack Hussein Obama, the Community Agitator in Chief, acted “stupidly” when he opened his mouth and stated that if the Assad Regime uses chemical weapons they would cross the “red line” and Syria would face consequences. Obama was not specific on what those consequences would be though, if they crossed that red line. Since the Obama threat there supposedly have been two incidents of chemical attacks with the most recent one occurring last week. The Obama Regime claims the chemical attacks were made by Assad forces; however there is speculation it could have been AlQaeda. And logic would tell you it might be AlQaeda because of Obama’s threat to intervene, which would benefit AlQaeda. So, what are we to believe since the Obama Regime is NOT trustworthy?
Now, to save face Obama wants to have the military launch limited missile strikes into Syria. He has told the World specifics of the war plan. Why? What leader does that? (And he is/was concerned about what Snowden revealed?) Just goes to show you that Obama is NO leader. I guess Obama figures he will lob some missiles into Syria so he can check the box that he did something. We must remember; it was Obama who got Osama???
 If action is taken it seems that the US will go it alone, because US’s allies are going to sit this one out. It is unclear whether Obama will consult Congress before the attack. And even more unclear if Speaker Boehner will do anything and hold Obama accountable if he does in violation of the Constitution. On the other hand, Syria’s allies will not. Russia has warships headed their way and Iran will support Syria. Syria and Iran have threatened to attack Israel, if the US strikes Syria. And Israel will strike back and WWIII begins.
US should not intervene in Syria, because of Obama’s lack of leadership and his loose lips. It is a little too late to get involved in Syria. Today it is like two rival gangs fighting each other and one is just as bad as the other. Therefore, it is not to the United States benefit to get involved and potentially start WWIII.         

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