Monday, September 2, 2019

Red Flag Laws are a Red Herring Just say NO

The Judge Jeanine Show 8/10/19 was in Australia and she discussed gun control. Judge Jeanine supports expanding universal background checks and red flag laws. She argued with Representative Matt Goetz over red flag laws and background checks. Goetz said background checks would not have stopped the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Jeanine then countered and praised Australia that they do not have a gun problem like the United States. She apparently does not know that Australia confiscated the guns. Goetz informed her of that fact and said Venezuela copied Australia and we all see what happens when the populaces are disarmed.
Unfortunately Goetz agrees with having “Red Flag” laws and supports Senator Graham’s federal grant program to implement red flag laws. Jeanine then responded that no one is suggesting the peoples guns will be confiscated from them. Obviously she has not listened to the DemonRATS who are running for president, because they have talked about confiscating people’s weapons. Jeanine is under the misguided notion that something has got to be done to stop the gun violence. Never mind, a gun is just a tool, which can be used for good or bad purposes depending on the individual’s mindset.

On August 7, 2019 a Hispanic male went on a killing spree with knives in California killing 4 and wounding many others. So it is not the tool, a gun, knives, pressure cookers, bombs, gasoline, vehicles etc., but the person and their bad intentions What Jeanine is missing is there are evil people in the World who want to do evil things and no law is going to stop them. What does stop them is a good guy with a gun. It takes an armed citizen willing to stand up to this person to end or at least minimize the damage and loss of life.

Also on the show was Matt Schlapp, the Chairman of CPAC, who agreed with Judge Jeanine about red flag laws and expanding background checks, wherein the government can have access to all of everyone’s records including medical and mental health. He said America can do better than this. He is concerned with other countries and what they think about the violence in America, apparently believing the misinformation about America being the most violent country in the World. I do not believe red flag laws are the answer, nor do I believe that they are a Conservative position. Have they not been paying attention to the violent rhetoric of the LEFT? Those pushing red flag laws claim there would be no problem enforcing them because the information has to be presented to a judge prior to confronting the person to confiscate the guns. Obviously, they are unaware of the FISA abuses against the Trump Administration wherein members of the Obama Regime attempted a coup against President Donald Trump, which is a treasonous act. Conservatives are already being scrutinized and censored by Social media sites. Trump supporters are being called NAZIS with blood on their hands by the propaganda media and DemonRATS and they will be the ones reporting on them.

Nevertheless, the gun grabbers always come out when an EVIL doer commits an evil act and the DemonRATS and the propaganda media did not disappoint. The bodies were not even cold and were still on site when the anti-gun talks and blaming President Donald Trump began. Congress does not need to have a knee-jerk reaction and act to "control" guns. As stated, their typical response is MORE restrictions on guns, which have an adverse effect on law abiding citizens. Background checks do nothing to stop evil doers; they only restrict law abiding citizens and create a database for confiscation from the government.

In ALL fifty states MURDER is against the law, yet EVIL doers who commit murder do not care about the law and the law does not prevent them from doing the act. It should be noted, the majority of the shootings occur in "gun free" zones. So, if you are looking for solutions then start there by ending gun free “kill” zones.
The DemonRATS goal is for total confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens; the assault weapons ban, registration and amount of rounds are the slippery slope. The registration lets government know which law-abiding citizens own guns and how many guns they own making it easier for confiscation. And one bullet can kill. So, if the government implements the ban and the killing continues the government would have a reason for banning more guns and limit the amount of rounds till eventually, the government would call for total confiscation. For those people who think that confiscation will not happen need only look to what occurred after Katrina where the government disarmed law-abiding citizens of their guns putting them at risk.

There are many na├»ve people out there who have not a clue about the US Constitution and the people’s rights. You have a God-given right to be able to defend yourself and your family. The Second Amendment is not about hunting or tradition; it is about the people being able to defend themselves from criminal thugs or an overreaching tyrannical government. And the Founders did envision the people being able to arm themselves with the weapons of today, because they had fought a revolution against a tyrannical government and said the right of the people to keep and bear arms not muskets. Where would this country be today if the Founders were not armed to fight the British? Thomas Jefferson said, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Do not fall for the cries that we have to do something, when there are already enough laws on the books that we do not need new laws infringing on law abiding citizens rights.

From the Mark Levin podcast 08082019 he stated, “From the Daily Signal-Heritage Foundation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a 2013 report claims in National studies of defensive gun use for self defense is used between 500,000 and 3 million times every year in the United States. The Centers internal data shows firearms are used defensively one million times a year.” Knowing this the anti-gun activists still push for "red flag" laws.
My question is how the police will be able to access someone's mental health or medical records as a condition of red flag laws to find probable cause to disarm American citizens? Who and what constitutes probable cause to remove someone's weapons? That is the danger of red flag laws. Red flag laws not only infringes on a person's 2nd Amendment rights, but also their 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights.

Just recently at the end of August 2019 in Colorado a student at Loveland High School was suspended from school because he posted on Facebook that he and his mother went to the range to practice shooting their handguns. Someone got scared of seeing pictures of the guns on Facebook and reported them to the police. The police then went to the home and determined there was not a threat. However, the school suspended him anyway and sent notices to all the parents of children in the school that this student was a threat and was suspended from school. One call from some anti-gun activist was all it took to put this family through this aggravation.
This school administration wants to enforce an anti-gun agenda by their misguided actions against this student. Instead of teaching about the Constitution and the Second Amendment this school administration wants to enforce an anti-gun agenda and wants to intimidate those who believe in and support the Constitution and the Second Amendment. This needs to stop. This student is being punished by the administration because they are obviously anti-gun un-American leftist activists. People need to wake up and stand up to these bullies.

Again, more gun control laws only effect law-abiding citizens and are neither the problem nor the solution to stopping an evil doer from committing an evil act. Most, if not all of these shootings occur in gun free zones and these cowardly killers know that. One way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun who will take action against the evil doer.

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