Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter to SLPD regarding Ed Martin & Russ Carnahan

It looks like Russ Carnahan was reelected to be the Representative for the Third Congressional District with the usual late vote tally from the City of St. Louis. Ed Martin is protesting the tally. Unfortunately, I do not believe anything will come of it. I sent off a letter to Tom Walsh and posted it to the discussion board in September when I found out the Association endorsed Russ Carnahan over Ed Martin. My question still remains, "What was the Association thinking when they endorsed Russ Carnahan?" Does it not trouble the Association that the votes Russ took regarding Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Financial (coercion) bill etc., which are DETRIMENTAL to the American citizens? Do you not question the $107 million of taxpayer's dollars he helped funnel to his brother Tom for his windfarm? Neither I nor Ed received a response from Tom about the endorsement. That is/was disappointing. I, along with Ed was asking the Association to at least talk to Ed to get his views on the issues first hand and then make an informed decision on whom to endorse. I do not understand the LOGIC of the Association's backing of Russ Carnahan. Not only for the reasons I mentioned above, which should be enough, but especially when Russ STOOPED so low with the SMEAR of Ed Martin regarding pedophile priests. These were FALSE accusations and the Post Disgrace endorsed Russ Carnahan claiming that he has CHARACTER. The Post, obviously does not know the meaning of the word, because with his SMEAR, Russ showed his LACK of character. After speaking with Ed the Association may have reconsidered the endorsement of Russ and then with the HELP of the SLPD there would have been a better outcome for the Third Congressional District. Anyway, if the vote count stands, Russ will be going back to Washington and be relegated to minority status in the US House and hopefully he will be FIRED in 2012.

Greg Zotta
Retired St. Louis Police Officer

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