Monday, November 8, 2010

Response to Pat Martin’s Bitter Editorial Regarding Midterm Election

Pat Martin of the Leader Newspaper wrote an editorial dated November 4, 2010, regarding the 2010 midterm elections. The tone of the editorial was bitterness, perhaps because many of the candidates he endorsed lost.

He was complaining that many of the campaigns were running against National Demons, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. May I suggest to this so-called journalist to READ the Constitution, in which it gives the Federal Government enumerated powers and the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda was overstepping their bounds. This is why what happens nationally, affects what happens locally.

Martin states, “Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are prominent, unpopular Democrats, and they have been linked in negative Republican ads to every Democratic candidate in the universe. After all, who would want to be linked with our president, when the “far right” knows he is a well-known Kenyan socialist?” Obama is the one who said he wants to TRANSFORM America, and he wants to redistribute the wealth. Obama is a “Socialist,” and his policies are about CONTROL.

Pat Martin talks about the negative campaigns and then goes so far as playing the RACE card regarding the George Engelbach and Ron Casey campaign for the State Representative of Missouri, 103rd District. Martin writes the Missouri Republican State Committee sent out a late smear piece proclaiming, “It’s Frightening Who Ron Casey Chooses To Be Allied With.” I say, Casey is a Democrat, and who would you think he would be aligned with? Why would that be considered a smear?

Pat continues saying, “the piece was a Halloween-themed postcard with a picture of Casey sandwiched between Pelosi and a black and white photo of Obama, to make sure everyone got the idea that he’s an African-American. I’m sure there are some people who didn’t know.” After all, if you oppose Obama’s policies you are a “RACIST.” Anyway, whom are you referring to, Pat? I know in your warped, feeble little mind it is the Patriotic Tea-Partiers, because you have called them racists in the past. FYI, there have always been so-called negative campaigns in American politics. Check your history. Also, if it is factual it is not negative.

Pat Martin implies he is against negative campaigns. However, he failed to mention the ads sent out by the Democratic Committee, wherein they portray Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Patriots in a negative light. He also did not mention Russ Carnahan’s smear of Ed Martin regarding pedophile priests. The Carnahan campaign made false accusations against Ed Martin and then tried to cover-up the smear. The Post Dispatch (Disgrace) endorsed Russ Carnahan claiming that he has CHARACTER. The Post, obviously does not know the meaning of the word, because with this smear, Russ stooped so low he showed his lack of character.

Martin says, the Republicans seem to be better at Martin’s so-called five-legged stool of American political campaigning today, which is:

1. Distort. If that doesn’t work lie.

2. Scare.

3. Create guilt by association.

4. Assassinate character.

5. What am I for? Doggone it; I’m out of time and space.

He says, the Republican’s are better at the five-legged stool, “WHAT?” This is the hallmark of the Democrat/Statist’s agenda to win elections, i.e. they LIE, CHEAT and STEAL. The Democrat/Statists distanced themselves from the Obama agenda and did not run on their so-called accomplishments like Obamacare and Cap and Trade.

Martin continues, “When we don’t pay attention democracy suffers.” I agree with that. People were not paying attention when Barack Hussein Obama was elected President. Hope and Change? Obama did say he was going to TRANSFORM America, unfortunately, not enough people asked, “Into what?”

Martin writes, “Why is it this way? Because we allow it. We vote for people – or more accurately, against people –because of these negative ads, ads that are protected under the First Amendment, but which undermine the American character of a fair, informed citizenry. If we were informed, this junk wouldn’t work.” (Arrogance. It is the people’s will that the Democrats lost the House. They were not doing their job. It was about voting against people who are destroying the country but also about voting for people who follow the Constitution and want to do what is right for this country.)

The Freedom of the Press is also protected under the First Amendment and by putting a blind eye to the detrimental policies of the Obama Administration, Pat Martin is failing at his responsibilities afforded to him under the First Amendment of the Constitution, as being a watchdog over government.

Pat Martin, your headline “GOP-smacked, Republicans swarm County Council” shows your liberal bias. What did that headline mean? You endorsed 6 out of the seven Democrat County Council candidates that lost. What would your headline have read if the outcome would have been reversed?

I do agree that people should become more informed about the issues and the candidates prior to the election so they can make an informed decision on whom and what they are voting for. I encourage everyone to find out about the Candidates through reliable sources, such as alternative media websites, the candidate’s website, and the government sites to check their voting records, because unfortunately the so-called mainstream media and newspapers have become unreliable.

Martin says, the people are too lazy to be informed, but I ask Mr. Martin, you have the paper, what are YOU doing to inform the people, except to write biased stories on your opponents, the conservatives?

All of a sudden, with the election of many conservative Republican candidates, Pat Martin is concerned with holding them accountable to what they campaigned on. A worthwhile cause, something I have said all along and should be done with all elected officials, especially the Democrat/ Statists. On the other hand, what really irritates me is when the pundits or Representatives of the Parties talk about what they (Democrats or Republicans) have to do to stay in power or what the President has to do to be reelected in 2012, instead of being concerned for the American people.

My philosophy is to teach and encourage people to be self reliant and less dependent on government. Let the people keep their money. I want less government intrusion into citizens’ lives. What we need is for our leaders to follow the Constitution, limit government, listen to their constituents, actually read the legislation and cut out needless and duplicitous laws. By following those simple steps would make for a better America.

Greg Zotta

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