Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Air Claire

               According to an article written by Jo Mannies on March 21, 2011, in the St. Louis Beacon, US Senator Claire McCaskill said her family failed to pay $290,000 in personal property taxes on the family plane. She claims to have put on her Auditor hat and found the error. So, it had nothing to do with the controversy of her use of the plane for political functions? She said she did not violate any Senate ethics rules; however she paid the Federal Treasury Department almost $89,000 to reimburse the government. If she did nothing WRONG, why pay back the money. And where is the money coming from? Could it be from campaign contributions?  
             McCaskill said, the family was unaware of the personal property tax issue and added that if the family had been trying to avoid paying taxes, it would have left the plane in a hangar in Illinois. Oh really, that didn’t turn out so well for Russ Carnahan who was storing his boat there to avoid paying taxes, until he was caught. Then like all good statists, he paid the taxes just like Claire is doing. Isn’t it ironic that Democrat/Statists like to levy taxes on the American people, but do not like to pay the taxes themselves, unless and until they are caught?  
Then again, Claire is out for Claire. She will do and say anything to stay in power. While investigating abuses at nursing homes, Claire McCaskill met a rich owner of one, dropped that investigation and eventually married him.  She lobbied against bringing the Democrat National Convention to St. Louis for fear it would hurt her reelection effort, even though it would have been an economic boom to the region. She takes both sides of an issue for political expediency, like she did with Obamacare. She voted for it when they needed the sixty votes, then voted against it when only a simple majority was needed for passage.  
             McCaskill claims no personal property taxes had been paid the county because of an oversight as to the state and local laws regarding such taxes and she said, "I take full responsibility for the mistake." Nevertheless, later on in the article McCaskill said, “Missouri is among a minority of states that allow local governments to assess personal property taxes on planes kept in their jurisdiction.” It seems like there is a contradiction there. She said it was an oversight that she was unfamiliar with Missouri law on paying personal property taxes on planes, but then says Missouri is among a minority of states where you pay personal property taxes on planes. Which is it?  BTW planes are specifically address on the Assessment Form. So, is she saying she cannot read?
The Missouri Republican Party has filed a complaint against her regarding the plane. Hopefully, in 2012 the citizens of Missouri will have an answer to that complaint and FIRE her. After all Claire stated, “if my walk doesn’t match my talk, then shame on me and don’t ever vote for me again.” They should not have voted for her in the first place. 

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