Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Obama’s Popularity

The so called Mainstream Media, aka. Propaganda Wing of the Obama Administration tries to convince the public about the popularity of Barack Hussein Obama. So much so that many Republicans are afraid to speak out against him, like Mike Huckabee who said “there is no need for legislation to make future presidential candidates prove their birthplace to determine eligibility for office, fearing such a bill would be seen as a swipe at Barack Obama.” Never mind that it is a requirement of the Constitution to be a natural born Citizen to become President of the United States.  
Nevertheless, Obama’s popularity is waning as seen by the response of the Race to the Top Commencement Challenge, where President Obama would be the commencement speaker at the winning public high school. Last year there were over a thousand applications to the challenge, however, this year the White House had to beg to get applications for schools to participate in the program. Thus for they have received 68 applications and have extended the deadline to enter the challenge for another two weeks. According to CBS news there was an internal Whitehouse memo which stated, “Something isn’t working.” It called on staffers to ask “friendly congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral offices” to encourage schools to apply.
Barack Obama is a polarizing and divisive figure whose policies and rhetoric endangers Americans and it seems more people are becoming aware of that no matter what the Mainstream Media would try to have you believe. I have to agree with the Whitehouse that “Something isn’t working.” That something is Barack Obama as president and leader of the free world.

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