Friday, September 23, 2011


 In the Republican Presidential debate Representative Ron Paul was asked a hypothetical question about whether a 30 year old man should receive intense medical treatment for six months, even though he has no health insurance?
Paul said people should not be forced to purchase healthcare insurance, however if they need treatment they need to be responsible for paying the bill. Many people did not like his response. I happen to agree with Paul; Mr. Hypothetical should receive the treatment, but also needs to pay for it.  
 Speaking of hypotheticals, lets take that same 30 year old who has now recovered. He now goes into a fancy restaurant and orders the most expensive meal with the most expensive bottle of wine. After completing the meal he tells the waiter he has no means to pay for the meal. What should the restaurant do? After all, people need to eat to sustain life. Should restaurants be responsible for feeding people for free? Of course not. The man needs to be held responsible for his actions and pay for his meal. Therefore, the man should have to pay for the medical treatment, just like he would have to pay for his meal.
Then again, people need to be reminded that Obamacare is about control not healthcare. 

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