Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Tea Party against the Regime

The Tea Party represents people that are frustrated with the direction this country is headed and want to do their part to try and stop it. They are not Nazi's, Astro-turf, Terrorists, Barbarians, or Hobbits. They are not sons of bitches. They are true Patriots who care about this country. The rabble who protest the Tea Party Patriots have been indoctrinated by the liberal schools, so-called Mainstream Media, Union Bosses, and the Statists to look to the Government for their well being. They do not even realize they are being used.

The Statists promote an ever increasing amount of people dependent on Government so they can stay in POWER. It is akin to slavery in that the people relying on the Government need only pull the D lever for their Masters come election time, instead of working the fields.

Then there is the unholy alliance between the Government and the Public Service Employee Unions, where the Democrat/Statists gave into the demands of the Unions in return for campaign contributions, so that the Democrat/Statists can stay in power; so the Democrat/Statists can give into the demands of the Unions and so on. Some of the demands were pension and lifetime healthcare benefits, which the employees paid little to nothing into and now the States and Cities cannot afford. In other words, the Statists promised some things they could not deliver on.

 Barack Hussein Obama is supposed to be the "Leader" of the Free World, but he is NOT a leader; he is a Community Agitator. Obama is a divisive and polarizing figure who pits one group of Americans against another and is the one fomenting the tension and hostility against the Tea Party Patriots. Obama is a BULLY and a LIAR, who uses scare tactics and threats against the American people. His policies and rhetoric endangers America. Hopefully, these people will learn the errors of their ways and join the Tea Party in turning this country around from the fallacies of the Obama Regime and the other Statists.

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