Tuesday, October 27, 2009

COC & Climate Change Hoax

A man claiming to be a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, called for a press conference on Climate Change, only he was not with the COC, he was a fraud. The real representative of the COC showed up and disrupted the event and exposed the deception. However, if the real representative would not have shown up the so-called mainstream media were so gullible they would have ran with the story.

Rick Sanchez of CNN, the so-called mainstream media gave credence to this fraud by granting him an interview. The frauds name is supposedly Andy Bickelbaum, aka. Hengo Sembra of the Yes Men and is a proponent of Climate Change and says it is human caused.

Sanchez stated there is a lot of political pressure on this President from the right on climate change. He continued stating, “People deny global warming is even happening.” So, Sanchez believes it. Although, there are scientists that have debunked the theory of man made global warming. Let’s not be objective and interview a real scientist that opposes the theory of man-made climate change. After all CNN is supposed to be a news organization.

The Climate Change hype just like this fake representative is a HOAX. Cap and Trade legislation and the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen and subsequent Treaty they want Obama to sign are not in the best interest of America. These fools that believe we are destroying the planet want to punish us for our prosperity calling it “Social Justice.” There are scientists who have debunked the theory of man made global warming, but no one is listening because it is all about the money. People and corporations pushing this legislation are making green by going green.

Unfortunately, President Barack Hussein Obama is a proponent of climate change legislation and he will likely sign the treaty. Under this treaty the U.S. will lose it’s sovereignty and our energy costs will increase. The treaty will have to be ratified by the Senate and hopefully for the sake of this country they will do the right thing and oppose it.

Greg Zotta

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