Monday, October 5, 2009

Olympic Rejection

According to Michelle Obama, the Obama’s made a huge SACRIFICE for the people of this country to bring the Olympics to the city of Chicago. They were rejected. So, how did they SACRIFICE? Michelle and Barack flew over to Copenhagen on separate jets where they were wined and dined and made their pitch to the Olympic committee. Also,I believe they took separate jets when they went on their trip to Europe.

What were the costs to the taxpayers? What about their carbon footprint by flying two planes; after all they believe in CLIMATE CHANGE and he is a supporter of Cap and Trade legislation.

Why were they rejected? Could it be the IOC was not impressed with their self-grandiose statements about themselves? Could it be that he called for a boycott of the Olympics in Bejing? Could it be that the IOC heard some of Barack Hussein Obama’s numerous speeches where he denigrates this country? Or, could it be that they did not bribe the IOC enough? By the way, for all of you Obamamaniacs, “It was Bush’s fault.”

Greg Zotta

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