Thursday, October 8, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccines/Government Propaganda

Healthcare workers in hospitals, clinics and home care are mandated by state regulations to get flu vaccinations this year with the threat of being fired if they refuse to get one. Other employers are threatening their workers if they refuse to get the flu shot. It should be up to the individual, whether or not to get the vaccine and your livelihood should not be threatened.

Some people are saying no one has the right to refuse vaccination in a civilized society and risk the lives of others and their children. How is someone not taking the vaccine a risk to others or their children? If the OTHERS and their children received the flu shot they supposedly should not be at risk. History shows that sometimes the vaccine was worse than the flu. In 1976 the government’s propaganda about the swine flu caused more than 46 million people to receive the vaccine and more people were paralyzed and died from the vaccine than the actual flu. (See CBS ‘60 Minutes’ 1976 swine flu report).

We have been told that the vaccination is only effective if you get it before the start of the “flu season” which is usually around September-October. In 2004 there was a shortage of the flu vaccine and there were calls for the Federal and State governments to declare a state of emergency. Some people were panicked because the government had told them that 30000 people die from the flu each year. The government encouraged only those in high-risk areas, those over 50 and young children, get the flu shots due to the limited supply. However, after the flu season was over that year and more vaccines became available the people were encouraged to get the vaccine. Why? They said the vaccine is effective if the person receives it prior to the start of the flu season, so why would the people be told to get the flu shot after it. Could it be because of money?

Kathlene Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary is encouraging all Americans to get the swine flu vaccination and stated, “This is definitely a safe vaccine for people to get.” Does she know what is in the vaccine? The ingredients for the H1N1 vaccine are chicken embryos, formaldehyde, (embalming chemical) squalene adjuvant, polysorbate 80 (a carcinogenic preservative) aluminum, and thimerosal, a (mercury (poison) derivative). What is Sebelius’s definition of “safe?”

Data from two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, from 10 different labs in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia claim squalene-based adjuvants can induce rheumatoid arthritis and can produce injury to the nervous system and brain. Mercury is a poison. Formaldehyde (an embalming chemical) and Polysorbate80 both are known carcinogens.

The government mandates the use of seatbelts when driving because they say it saves lives. However, the government does not tell us how many people died because they were wearing seatbelts. The government tells us it is about “safety.” However, the seatbelt law generates revenue to the states because of the fines. So is it about the money? Is it about control?

People’s rights and freedoms are being eroded when Government and employers want to mandate that you receive a vaccination under penalty of law or the threat of being terminated. I say people need to “question authority.” It should be up to the people whether or not they get the vaccine.

Greg Zotta

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