Monday, May 31, 2010

Daley, Guns and the Right to Defend Yourself

A Korean War veteran encountered an intruder breaking into his home who fired two shots at him. The vet returned fire, killing the intruder. The victim purchased his gun after he was robbed six months earlier.Chicago has a ban on owning handguns and Mayor Daley does not know if charges will be filed against the homeowner. He then made the following idiotic statement: “I understand the situation and I understand. What I'm saying is all of us have to understand that guns [is] not the answer to problems we see in homes and on the streets of America. It's just [has] simple as that.” He says this while walking around with armed body guards. The US Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the ban by the end of June, 2010. Hopefully, the judges will see the wisdom in ending the ban.

This is not the first idiotic statement made by Daley, he blamed the Fort Hood shootings on guns. These useless Democrat/Statists like Daley do not understand that people have a God given right to protect themselves and their families. Fools like Daley, who are in positions of power want to try to take that right away. Daley says guns [is] not the answer, I have to disagree. Guns were the answer for this 80-year-old Army veteran who shot and killed a career criminal, Anthony Nelson, 29, who was on parole, had a 13-page rap sheet and went by the name "Big Ant." I guess you could say this courageous veteran exterminated the Big Ant. However, his son Butch Gant said it best, "He missed, (but) my daddy didn't." Unfortunately, the police seized the victim’s gun. I hope he has a spare.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22

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