Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Los Suns & Sports Teams Owners Against AZ Law

The Phoenix Suns’owner put the word Los Suns on his teams jerseys in support of the illegal immigrants in Arizona. I have a suggestion for him, Free Admission to all illegal immigrants to the Los Suns basketball games. In fact, why not free admission to everyone. Obviously, he is not concerned with this invasion of illegal immigrants to this country that costs American taxpayers, so he should not mind letting them into the games for free. When they pass the turn styles, he can just think of them as crossing the border into our country. That goes for all the other sports teams who have problems with Arizona’s law.

President Ronald Reagan made the mistake of granting amnesty to the illegal immigrants that were in the country at the time, which has only escalated the problem. On top of the increase in crime, the illegal immigration problem puts a strain on the healthcare, welfare, education and legal systems of this country. We all have to carry our drivers licenses with us when we are driving; and need identification to cash a check, rent a hotel room or fly on a plane. It is also a federal law dating back to 1940 mandating immigrants carry their papers with them.

Why don’t the people who are complaining about Governor Jan Brewer passing a law to protect the citizens of Arizona, check the immigration laws of other countries like Mexico or Iran? They will find out they are more restrictive than ours. Then again, what do they say to the people who gained access to this country through the proper means? For the fools that may not know, the United States is a sovereign nation with laws that need to be enforced or you will have anarchy.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22

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