Thursday, May 27, 2010

Muslims and 9/11 Mosques

It is my understanding that the Muslims want to build two mosques in the shadows of where the World Trade Center stood.These people are blind to the fact that Islam is at war with us. These mosques will represent a symbol to the world of the conquest of 9/11. It is an "in your face" to the American people. President Obama praised and dedicated the freedom of the press in memory of Daniel Pearlman, because he was a journalist, apparently failing to realize that he was beheaded by these jihadists because he was an American Jew. America is called the Great Satan by these people.The Muslim Brotherhood calls for a “Civilization-Jihadist Process,” in which they would destroy the Western civilization from within. Radical Muslims believe Americans are infidels; and the infidels will have to convert to Islam,be enslaved or killed.They state, we do not want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy. That is what we want.Through the domination of Islam and its ideas the Whitehouse will change and become the Muslim House. The United States is a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles and we tolerate other religions like Islam, but we do not want to become a Muslim nation and put under Sharia law and Honor Killings. That is why we must remain vigilant to protect our freedom.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22

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