Saturday, August 29, 2009


The United States needs to secure its borders. There have been appropriations to build a fence, and now there is talk about a virtual fence. A fence may help, but it is more important to increase the number of border security guards. Otherwise the people crossing illegally into this country could climb over or dig under the fence.

The people that are here illegally should make arrangements to return to their country and go through the process of gaining access to this country legally. If the illegal immigrants are caught committing a crime they should be prosecuted for the crime and then deported.

The employers that are hiring these illegal immigrants need to be held accountable through fines and possible jail time. Also, the politicians that are setting up sanctuary cities need to be held accountable.

My grandparents came to this country from Italy. They went through the process and became legal citizens. They assimilated into this culture and learned to speak English.

For those people who are for amnesty and open borders I ask the following question:“What do you say to the people who went through the process and gained access to this country legally?” Their answer may be, “Why bother?” Just come on in, take advantage of the healthcare system, schools, housing, and welfare. Don’t bother trying to assimilate into this culture. Have the corporations add onto their costs by printing brochures and ads in Spanish, and having voicemail in Spanish. By the way these costs are passed on to the consumers through higher prices.

The process of gaining access to this country should be streamlined so that qualified individuals can benefit from living in this great country. But they need to assimilate into our culture and speak the language, which is English.

Also, I believe the United States needs to support its border guards. (Unlike what the United States did to agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who I believe were wrongly imprisoned.) I have called on President Bush to pardon these agents, but as of this time he has not pardoned them. I encourage everyone to check into the story of these two border agents. Afterwards if you believe as I do that they were unjustly imprisoned, I urge you to call the President and request that they be pardoned.

Greg Zotta

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