Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taxing Times

Apparently in the land of Obama-nation we no longer have to pay taxes. Tim Geithner is to be the next Treasury Secretary overseeing the IRS and he is a tax cheat. He did not pay or have the taxes taken out on the illegal immigrant he had working for him. He also did not pay taxes on the salary he received working for the IMF, even though he was paid more money to cover the taxes. It was only after he was offered the position that he paid the taxes.

Then there’s New York Representative Charles Rangel, Chairman of the tax writing Ways and Means committee, who is also a tax cheat by not paying taxes for several years on rental income claiming it was a series of unconscionable mistakes.

My questions are: Are there laws against tax evasion? Are these men going to be investigated, audited, and possibly prosecuted? I don’t think so.

These are our Leaders and as such are we not supposed to follow their lead. So if we do follow their lead then we no longer have to pay our taxes, unless you are offered a position of power, then you may want to pay them a few days before you accept the position.

Greg Zotta,

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