Saturday, August 29, 2009

Representative? Diane Watson

Representative Diane Watson, Democrat of California, stated Rush Limbaugh said he wants this President to fail. She continued that if the President fails, then America fails. She also stated what a wonderful person Fidel Castro is and how great a healthcare system Cuba has. Here she is praising a communist.

Rush Limbaugh stated he wants Obama’s “policies to fail”, and so do I. Obama goes around the world apologizing for what a rotten country America is. Obama is a Marxist and if he gets his way will destroy America. Look at the people (the czars) that are advising him and what they are proposing. The Diversity Czar wants to stifle free speech. They want to have the power to shut down the Internet and cell phones, (look what happened in Iran). They want to control our lives with what they are proposing in the Cap and Trade legislation, as well as the healthcare legislation. In the proposed legislation people will lose their freedoms and privacy, because they will have access to your medical records, tax returns, and bank records. They will control the people through the force and intimidation of the IRS. What he is trying to create is an oligarchy, which is a government in which supreme power rests with a few.

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. Free people from around the world look up to us for leadership and help. In times of crisis, tsunamis, earthquakes, genocide, etc. people look to America for help and we respond.

Bill Maher stated there are a lot of stupid people in America. I have to agree with him and Rep. Watson is a prime example, but the people who voted for her have to fit in that category also.

As for as her praise of the communist leader Fidel Castro and his great healthcare system you have to ask the question: “How many people have you seen get into small boats, rafts, inner tubes, or anything that floats to go to Cuba for their healthcare?” The answer is None!! It is the other way around. If you truly want to know about Cuba, ask the people of Cuba, without Fidel or his soldiers around.

I believe there are some “Smart” people out there and they realize that Diane Watson does not represent what America truly stands for.Hopefully,after the next election she will no longer be a Representative.
Greg Zotta

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