Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama and Veterans

On August 17th, 2009 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars conference in Phoenix, Arizona President Obama stated, he would spend billions of dollars erecting more treatment centers for wounded warriors. Yet, in March 2009, he floated the idea to have military personnel that were wounded in battle to have their private medical insurance pay for their medical bills.

The Obama Administration hoped to save upwards of $500 million a year by billing the veterans’ private insurance. After strong protests from veterans and members of Congress Obama dropped the plan. My questions to President Obama are, “What were you thinking?” “ Where did you get such an idea? ’’ It’s bad enough the soldier was wounded in battle, but you wanted to have his private insurance pay the bill. Also, have you ever thought of having members of Congress purchase their own medical insurance to save taxpayers money?

People who served in the military should have the best medical care provided to them as a benefit for serving and protecting this great country. Instead of spending billions building more hospitals, why not let the soldiers get the treatment they need at the hospital of their choice and have the government pay the bill?

Greg Zotta

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