Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ACORN and the Responsibility of the Press

Justin Pritchard an Associated Press writer did a story on, "How the ACORN pimp and hooker videos came to be." In the article about O’Keefe and Giles he writes, “each has other credentials that place them squarely in the network of activists who believe liberal-leaning mainstream media willfully ignore stories that illustrate the failings of the political left and its leanings.”

The sense I get from your article is that you are on a witch-hunt for conservative organizations, which shows your bias. Hey Justin, how many stories have you done on the ACORN organization? Have you interviewed the “ACORN eight”? They worked for ACORN and were thrown out of the organization because they brought up the corruption? Have you interviewed Gregory Hall an ex ACORN employee who says he has evidence about the corruption in ACORN dealing with voter fraud and abuse of their employees? Hall believes the authorities and the press are reluctant to investigate ACORN because they have friends in high places, referring to President Obama. Have you interviewed any of the prosecutors in the states that are investigating and prosecuting ACORN for voter registration and voter fraud?

An example of mainstream media not covering ACORN is when Charlie Gibson was asked about them and stated, “ I didn’t even know about it.” You make the argument for them when you state they believe liberal-leaning mainstream media ignore these stories. So, where are the stories? Where are the stories?

The story is ACORN. It is a corrupt organization that received millions of taxpayers’ dollars and should be put out of business. These employees of ACORN had no problem giving advice on setting up a brothel using underage girls 13 to 15 years old, smuggled in the country from El Salvador. Justin, do you not have a problem with underage sex slave trade?

These two patriots who exposed the corrupt organization ACORN to the world are now being sued by ACORN, because of a Maryland Law regarding the taping of conversations.

Congress has recently voted to defund ACORN, the organization has been removed from participating in the Census, the IRS has stripped them of their ability to give out tax advice and there are calls for an independent audit as well as being investigated by the various states for voter fraud. The organization needs to be investigated by the Justice Department and the IRS.

The media/press is supposed to give the facts of the story and be unbiased in their reporting of it; unfortunately, the so-called liberal-leaning mainstream media have not been doing that, especially dealing with the Obama administration. The freedom of the press is guaranteed by the first amendment of the Constitution and with that responsibility the press is supposed to be the watchdogs over the government.

Greg Zotta

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