Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West/Taylor Swift and Liberal Hypocrisy

Kanye West is classless when he interupts Taylor Swift.

Kanye West the racist

Liberal hypocricy at it's best, the women of the View do not condemn West's
action, and Obama called him a "jackass", but did not want it on the record.

Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA awards. He showed what a classless, racist he is.

On the other hand Taylor and Beyonce showed a lot of class on how they handled the situation.

What bothered me though was the Liberal hypocrisy from the women of the view and from President Obama.Sure Obama called him a “jackass”, but he did not want it on the record. None of the women on the View condemned Kanye West’s actions. Could it be because West is black?

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