Monday, September 7, 2009

Ted Kennedy, Sainthood?

Ted Kennedy was the Patriarch of the Democrat Party. Some Democrats called him the “Lion” of the Senate; unfortunately some of us were his prey. He was the champion of nationalized/socialized medicine. There were tributes to Ted Kennedy, detailing his life’s accomplishments. After all, his name was attached to several hundred pieces of legislation, but what did you expect from a big government socialist.

Just because there are laws on the books does not mean these elitists have to follow them. Look at the tax problems Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, and Charlie Rangel had, to name a few. If the law affects them they can change it. Like the one Ted got passed in 2004 where the state of Massachusetts needs to have a special election to replace a US senator. Mitt Romney was a Republican Governor at the time, and Democrat Senator John Kerry was running for President. Now, there is a Democrat Governor and Ted wanted to have the law changed where the Democrat Governor could appoint his replacement.

Speaking of accomplishments, I wonder what Mary Jo Kopechne would have accomplished in her life if Ted had not left her in his car to die at Chappaquiddick. She may have found the cure for cancer, but we will never know because this selfish Senator from Massachusetts was so concerned about himself and his career that he left her in the car to die of asphyxiation.

If Ted Kennedy would have reported the accident immediately she may have lived. However, he never reported the incident and in fact the authorities found him the next day on the phone when they were organizing a search party for him.

Not to worry though, he was a member of the “Royal” Kennedy family and it did not hurt his career. He received a citation for leaving the scene of an accident and paid a fine, which was more in line with a parking ticket than vehicular manslaughter and that was the end of it.

Bill Maher states there are a lot of stupid people in America. For once, I have to agree with him, and I would put Maher at the top of the list because I believe he voted for Obama. Then there are the people in Massachusetts who elected and reelected a socialist, elitist, self-centered Senator named Ted Kennedy.

There was reference made about a letter Ted gave to President Obama to give to the Pope and the media was fawning all over it. In it he praises Obama, and why not, he endorsed and supported this radical “community organizer” who wants to transform (change) America. He also wrote he was dying and pats himself on the back for all of his accomplishments.

In the letter he states Obama is a man of deep faith like himself. Let’s see, Obama is for partial birth abortions, infanticide, and attended Rev. Wright’s radical church for twenty years. Oh, has he found a church in Washington D.C. yet?

Also, Obama’s advisor and friend William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist, praised Sirhan Sirhan (Robert Kennedy’s assassin), in his book.

Ted asks for the Pope’s prayers as his health declines and states that he has been an imperfect human being. He then goes on to state that he has been the champion for the rights of the poor and opened doors of economic opportunity. He’s worked to welcome the immigrant, fight discrimination and expand access to health care and education. He opposed the death penalty and fought to end war. Though he is dying, he is committed to achieving his political cause of his life, which is health care for everyone in the county.

He was a proponent of the poor and is for open borders because he was a big government, socialist and wanted to keep people dependent on the government for votes. What’s more everyone already has access to health care in this country.

What the democrats are proposing is a takeover of the healthcare system in this country to control the populace. The government will have access to your tax returns, medical information, and your bank account. They will control your lives by telling you what you can do, and what you can eat, because it will be tied to healthcare. They will use the IRS to intimidate you into compliance.

The press made reference to the letter from Ted to the Pope, but did not mention another letter that Ted sent to the Soviet Union. In 1983 Senator Ted Kennedy sent a letter to the Comrade Y.V. Andropov, of the Soviet Union undermining what President Ronald Reagan was doing to protect the United States and its allies in Europe from the Soviet Union. I wonder why the press is reluctant to make reference to that letter from selfish Senator Ted. Maybe it’s because they are looking for “Sainthood” for him.

Hopefully, the proposed Government takeover of the healthcare system will die with him. Unfortunately, I believe now there will be a big push by the Democrats to get the legislation passed and put Ted Kennedy’s name on it.

Greg Zotta

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