Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama Schoolchildren Speech/ Indoctrination?

Pat Martin, you wrote an editorial in the Leader newspaper that the schools’ decision to block the White House was gutless and scary regarding President Obama’s speech to the school children. In it you wrote the Republicans are doing their level best to catch up and exceed the nastiest and lowest that the donkeys could conjure up. They are using schoolchildren as cannon fodder.

What makes you think they are only Republicans; Obama’s poll numbers are declining with Democrats and Independents alike. Obama uses children and plants at town hall meetings, such as the young girl who asked the President the question about the nasty signs opposing Obamacare. Her mother was a strong supporter and contributor to Obama.

You continued stating it is not about the message; it’s about hating the messenger. How could our schools let themselves be manipulated and terrorized so easily by the haters? Then these followers were urged by their commanders to flood the superintendents’ phones demanding that their kids not be subjected to this socialist propaganda, even though they hadn’t seen a transcript of the speech yet.

Are you calling the people who oppose Obamas’ policies terrorists? You did not know what the original transcript said either. But there was a lesson plan given out where schoolchildren were to write what they could do to serve this president. Maybe it was the lesson plans that concerned so many parents and not necessarily the speech. Even the Department of Education afterwards said it was a mistake to have the lesson plans.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist, and he stated he was going to transform America. Look at all the radical “Czars” he has surrounded himself with, and they are a reflection of him. (Check out Czar’s article). The media’s responsibility under the first amendment of the Constitution is to be the watchdogs over the government. So why is the mainstream media not doing their job and exposing these people for what they are?

Obama also wants a civilian national security force and stated, “We cannot continue to rely on just the military to achieve the national security objectives we set. We have to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” Maybe these parents are a little leery when it comes to this President, because of his statements and his radical associates.

Were you implying that these people are racists when you wrote what’s next, culling library books because they don’t like the race or ancestry of the author? Maybe these people are just getting tired of being called tea-baggers, racists, terrorists, Astroturf, mobsters, and Nazi’s, because they oppose the direction this country is headed.

You also wrote, parents should not set the curriculum, if they don’t like how the school district is doing those jobs; they have the power to elect new school board members who can hire a new superintendent. Ironically, in an article written by Kim Robertson on this subject for the Leader wrote Superintendent Bob Borman of Windsor, and Superintendent Dianne Brown of Fox, said district policy calls for any materials to be reviewed before they’re included as part of the curriculum and that’s why they decided not to show the speech. It looks like the Superintendents made the decision because of policy.

Apparently, you are a supporter of Barack Obama. That’s fine, but I suggest you listen to him more carefully, and check out these radical “czars” that are advising him.

Greg Zotta

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