Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letter to Bill O'Reilley on Jesse Jackson Interview

Bill O’Reilley
Fox News
1211 Avenue of the America’s
New York, NY 10036

September 29, 2007

Dear Bill,

I watched the interview you had with Jesse Jackson and it seemed like you were going out of your way to suck up to him. He on the other hand was trying to put you on the defensive about your reference about civility of blacks when you talked about the black restaurant in Harlem. He stated your civility remark was insulting to many people. If you listen to the interview again I believe he was subtly calling you a racist.

You also stated whites fear many blacks, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Jackson stated blacks have more to fear from whites because of slavery and Jim Crowe laws, therefore it is an unfounded fear, and you agreed. But Jesse Jackson has stated in the past that if he was walking down the street and a group of young blacks were approaching him he would cross the street.

Your tag line is to be Fair and Balanced. So let me try to balance the story. I am enclosing some articles where whites may have something to fear or at least be aware of the danger that is out there. There are plenty of more stories out there that can be referenced.

You talked about the Jena six and the Duke bogus rape case. Regarding the Duke case you said that Jesse Jackson was unfairly criticized because all he did was offer to pay the tuition for the accuser (liar, stripper, extortionist) whether she was guilty or not. He stuttered that was the big media line, and stated he did not go to Duke, nor did Al Sharpton. Possibly they smelled a rat or possibly because the new black panthers were there. As for Sharpton I have two words Tawanya Brawley. However Jackson did do more when he wrote an article on it claiming white privilege, and black poverty etc., same old storyline. Enclosed is a copy of the article.

The Jena six are now being portrayed as some sort of Civil Rights heroes. These six are thugs. They acted like hyenas and these six “brave” thugs ganged up and beat up this one white child where he lost consciousness. Jackson mentioned that the six did not have any guns and it was just a fight. One on one is a fight; six on one is a mugging. He could have been beaten to death. Then you had the protesters converge on the town as if they were going to do a jailbreak, and are trying to intimidate the prosecutor on the case.

Jesse Jackson exploits the black race for his own enrichment. I do not understand why you would want him on your program. Perhaps you are unaware or have forgotten about his past. Let me enlighten you. He used to spit in white peoples food, he is anti-Semitic, remember Hymietown, he’s committed adultery, and fathered a child out of wedlock with his mistress and then paid her what amounted to be hush money. He extorts money from corporations, and constantly plays the race card. During the LA riots, when Reginald Denny was being beaten and the town was being destroyed Jesse Jackson on Nightline proclaimed what you are seeing is “Justified Anger.” The black community needs to stop making excuses for criminal behavior.

You used to have Malik Shabazz on your show and you let him spew his racist opinions on the air. When Michelle was filling in for you he called her a whore. At the time I sent you an email stating I hoped you would no longer give him a forum to spew his hatred on the air. After which you banned him from your show. Enclosed is a copy of the email.

My black friends tell me Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do not represent them and they wish they would just go away. That is why I do not understand why you want to give these men a forum to speak on race relations when they are part of the problem. Bill Cosby or Walter Williams would be better representatives.

Hopefully after reading this you will reconsider having Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton on your show again. For further information I can be reached through the above means. I look forward to hearing from you because I also believe we need to get a handle on race relations in this country.


Greg Zotta

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