Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama’s Commemorative Speech at Fort Hood

President Barack Hussein Obama made a commemorative speech at Fort Hood regarding the shooting by Nidal Hasan.

First off, what is with the reverberation or echo when Obama was speaking? Was it on purpose, as with some of his other speeches to make him self sound god-like? Another soldier spoke after him and there were no reverberations.

He said it is hard to comprehend the twisted logic that lead to this tragedy. These are trying times for our country. I agree; these are trying times especially with him at the helm. Obama refuses to acknowledge that this was an act of terrorism on American soil by an extreme radical Muslim jihadist.

Does he refuse to say this was an act of terrorism on American soil, because under George Bush there was not a major act of terrorism after 9/11? There was a plot at Fort Dix that was thwarted.

Or is it because he is an Islamic sympathizer? He said the Muslims would like him because of his name. Obama also said he has empathy for the 9/11 terrorists who crashed the planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania killing thousands of American citizens. He said we, the American citizens should have empathy for them as well. This type of thinking is dangerous regarding America's safety. Obama is an embarrassment, an appeaser and shows weakness to the world. 2012 can not get here soon enough!

Greg Zotta

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