Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NYC How to Guide to Heroin Use

New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene printed pamphlets for heroin users. The guidebook offers information on how to prepare drugs carefully and how to care for veins to avoid infection. “If you’re going to do drugs, do it right, because even drug addicts deserve to have their lives protected.”

The department printed and distributed about 70,000 copies of the handout at a cost of $32,000.00.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Democrat/Republican/Independent King of New York defended the decision to distribute the how-to guide to shoot up illegal drugs stating, "I would certainly not recommend to anyone that they use hard drugs or soft drugs," he said. "But our health department does have an interest in if you're going to do certain things to get you to do it as healthily as you possibly can."

This is the same Mayor who bribed the New York City Council to repeal the term limits law that restricted elected officials to two terms in office. He then spent over 100 million dollars to barely win the election for his third term as Mayor.
New York has very restrictive gun and smoking laws that Mayor Bloomberg pushed through with zeal.

This pamphlet instructs the heroin users on how to prepare and inject the drugs, which is a felony, a crime. Aiding and abetting the commission of a crime is itself a crime. This concept encompasses rendering support, assistance, or encouragement to the commission of a crime. My question is would Mayor Bloomberg and whoever else was behind distributing this how to guide to shoot up heroin be guilty of aiding and abetting? Is the Attorney General going to look into this matter?

Greg Zotta

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