Friday, January 15, 2010

Pat Robertson & Danny Glover on Cause of Haiti Earthquake

Once again when a natural disaster strikes Americans respond with assistance. The American people immediately go into action to help those in need because that is the kind of people we are. The world looks to the USA for our response. President Barack Hussein Obama has pledged 100 million taxpayers dollars for support of Haiti. However, the answer is not to just throw money at it because the USA has been sending millions of dollars to Haiti but the corrupt leadership misused and stole the money.

Pat Robertson made a statement regarding the earthquake in Haiti blaming it on the pact the Haitian’s made with the devil. He believes it is the wrath of God that perpetrated this disaster. Although, it is a factual story; the Haitian’s did a voodoo ceremony making a compact with the devil. It’s a history lesson that I do not think needed to be taught at this time. It was an insensitive statement made during the time of the crisis, akin to kicking someone when they are down. Robertson was crucified by the media for making the statement, which was stupid and insensitive.

Danny Glover on the other hand blamed the earthquake on the god of Global Warming. He stated we are all in peril because of global warming and climate change. When we (USA) did what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen this is the response, this is what happens. It will be interesting to see if there is the same amount of outrage directed towards him.

There will be natural disasters throughout the world, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados, and hurricanes etc. because “It is what it is.” That is the nature of our planet. I do not believe it is “god’s will.”

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