Thursday, January 14, 2010

Questions on Healthcare

Here are some questions that should be answered before proceeding with healthcare legislation. If the healthcare legislation is so GREAT, why did the Democrats vote on it in the dark of night on a Saturday night? Why are they not presenting the facts of the bill to the American people? Is it because the numbers do not add up? The Democrats say that there is a need to pass this legislation today because thousands of people are dying because of the lack of healthcare. Yet the benefits do not go into effect until 4 years from now, so by their calculations are they going to let thousands more of Americans die? Where has anyone been refused treatment in this country? Why the hurry in getting this bill passed? Why are the Democrats conducting business behind closed doors? What happened to transparency? Why don’t the Democrats want the Bill or Amendments read? Is it because the more people find out the details the more they dislike it? Why do they want to put people in jail for not wanting to buy health insurance? Would that even be constitutional? Why are certain states and groups, like the unions getting preferential treatment? What about equal protection as stated in the 14th amendment? Why do they have to bribe certain Senators in order to get them to vote for it? Is Eric Holder going to investigate this bribe? Why do politicians say one thing but do another, Joe Liebermann? Will the news media begin doing their job and expose this fraud? Will the American people stand up and be heard to stop this monstrosity? The Democrats are pushing this legislation to create an ever increasing amount of people dependent on the government in order to garner votes to stay in POWER.
Greg Zotta

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