Friday, January 29, 2010

O’Keefe and Landrieu/Watergate 2?

Contrary to what the lame stream media (LSM) portrayed the James O’Keefe/Senator Landrieu story to be, it turns out to be much to do about nothing. Although ill-advised what they were trying to accomplish was to show that Senator Mary Landrieu was not responding to her constituents so they were checking to see if the phones were working. Everyone should know by now that the Democrat/Statists were not responding or listening to their constituents. They could see it from the town halls. Therefore, it was a non-story.

However, it’s ironic the LSM did not really question or investigate the Senator about the 300 million dollar bribe she received for her vote on the healthcare bill or why her constituents were unable to get in contact with her. They also ignored and downplayed the ACORN story. Instead, they thought they had Watergate two and wiretapping. They were dreaming and hoping to take down some big time conservatives with this story and had to retract some of their over zealous reporting.

Biased Ed Schultz even made the comment to Bertha Lewis of ACORN that the arrest of O’Keefe vindicated ACORN. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH. ACORN is a corrupt organization and is being investigated in numerous states for voter registration fraud, not to mention the videos made by O’Keefe of ACORN exposing more corruption regarding underage slave prostitution. Then again what did you expect coming from this BLOWHARD, after all Schultz said he would CHEAT TO WIN and vote 10, no 20 times if he lived in Massachusetts. By the way ED that is a crime.

The LSM likes to be the FIRST to report a story even if they do not have all of the FACTS. I would prefer to have the facts right and not be so concerned with being the FIRST. When the story first broke these questions came to mind, which for the most point have been answered.

What are the charges? What evidence do they have?
What were you doing in Senators Mary Landrieu’s Office? Was there an appointment made, and by whom?
Who was with you? Why were they with you? Were you taping and if so why? Did you seek permission to tape the interview? What were you trying to accomplish?
Have you heard of Nixon and Watergate?

As stated James O’Keefe was trying to show Senator Landrieu was not responding to phone calls from her constituents. The means he went about it was ill-advised, because O’Keefe has a target on him. Therefore, when he tries to expose corruption and misdeeds his methods must be done way above board.

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